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About Colleen

My name is Colleen Smith and I am the birth doula and owner of Mighty Mamas Doula Services. I began my doula journey in 2018 with the goal of providing support to birthing families in the Roanoke Valley. I have had the privilege of supporting many birthing people and their partners with births at the hospital, birth center, and at home. It has been an incredible experience and with every birth I feel more and more passionate about the birthing person's ability to make choices and be an active participant in their birth! Helping you find your strength and confidence during labor is something I feel very honored to do. Guiding and educating partners in how to provide labor support is something also I consider to be a very important in my role as a doula. ​I believe that partners and doulas make a great team and lead to a positive birth experience for everyone involved!


I am originally from Upstate New York and now live in Roanoke City with my husband, daughter, two dogs, and one cat. I gave birth to my daughter at home in March 2021 and have been enjoying time with my daughter. I currently work as a school psychologist and am in my seventh year in the field. My background in psychology is something I believe bolsters my ability to support clients through the unpredictability that birth brings. It also lends to communication and discussions that take place after birth during the postpartum visit.


I also have previous experience as a birth assistant with a midwife at local birth center. Aside from my doula training, I have been trained in labor support through Spinning Babies and as a virtual doula through Improving Birth. I am also working certification in PAIL (Pregnancy And Infant Loss) to support birthing people going through those difficult experiences. Continuing education is something I believe is crucial to providing expert services as a doula, so I am always seeking new opportunities to bring the best services to you!

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